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I began designing websites about 13 years ago while teaching HS Biology. I then started teaching Web Design to students as well. I designed the school's first webstie and served as Webmaster. The site consisted of hundreds of pages, including video announcements on the main page for students, parents and teachers to view at any time. Since retiring from teaching, I have been building sites for nature photographers and others. If you need a website, please e-mail me. Rates and timelines on request. - Michael Luque
Ken Cook Photography Website
Ken Cook Photography

Bill Vieth Photography Website

Bill Vieth Photography


Butler Taxidermy Website
Butler Taxidermy

F-Stop Tours - Iceland

Susan MacKenzie Photography Website

Susan MacKenzie Photography

Sam Mattise


Winding Creek Medical Arts
Winding Creek Medical Arts

Katmai Coastal Outfitters
Katmai Coastal Outfitters

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